White-Hat Practice From Semalt

Andrew Dyhan, the Semalt expert, has noted that SEO changes drastically and we are continually responding to the most recent advancements that occur on the algorithm of search engines. As indicated by the Searchmetrics 2016 report, Google assesses the following in its organic website positioning algorithm:

  • RankBrain
  • The relevance of the content regarding the intent of the user.
  • Backlinks

Theories and Trends of the Future of Search Engine Optimization

Amongst the most amazing discoveries from Searchmetrics 2016 report was the huge decline in the role of backlinks regarding SERP rankings. For sites that faced penalties from Google, this came as awesome news. However, at the same time, this was an incredible pressure on website owners as they had to give up any black-hat link building practices.

Throughout the years, Google has started placing in doubt the authority of an assortment of link sources such as:

  • Local directories
  • Local citations
  • Press releases
  • Article directories
  • Guest blog entries

The eventual fate of backlink acquirement genuinely depends on delivering quality content and gaining natural backlinks, regardless of the possibility that some are compared to spam sites.

AI and RankBrain

A great deal of perplexity has encompassed RankBrain as well as its role in Google's algorithms. The following are the best misconceptions regarding RankBrain we need to address first:

  • It fails to assess the quality of content.
  • It fails to check backlink profiles
  • It fails to assess click-through rate in regard to search queries.
  • The impact of Social signals on it is limited.

RankBrain's option is just to translate client search inquiries effectively. It was predominantly utilized to interpret search that was new to Google

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to get prepared for RankBrain. We think that RankBrain's capacity to comprehend natural language and better decipher the client goal directly depends on the content quality and its evaluation.


Currently, there is a solid connection between the keywords used in your meta tags or domain names and achieving top ranking in Google search results. So always keep in mind that keywords show the way users think, as well as represent the language users use for online searches. That is why you have to create such content that is relevant to users' intent.

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