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Opens LA: Nov. 15
In select theaters: Nov. 29

From Light Chaser Animation, one of China’s premiere animation studios, comes a visually stunning new take on a classic legend. One day a young woman named Blanca is saved by Xuan, a snake catcher from a nearby village. She has lost her memory, and together they go on a journey to discover her real identity, developing deeper feelings for one another along the way. But as they learn more about her past, they uncover a darker plot of supernatural forces vying for power, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Conceived as a prequel to one of the most ancient and enduring stories in Chinese history, White Snake presents a sumptuous tale of trickster demons, deadly mythical beasts, assassins, wuxia action, and the promise of eternal love.

  • TroyTroodon
    TroyTroodon 1 тиждень тому NGL I wish this was treated like a Disney/Ghibli dub To me, the voices just don't sound natural for this supposedly more dramatic film
  • Bubbly Soda
    Bubbly Soda 1 тиждень тому They tried to copy the original voices
  • TroyTroodon
    TroyTroodon 1 тиждень тому @Bubbly Soda Doesn't sound like they did.
  • maltsoy marai
    maltsoy marai 1 тиждень тому TroyTroodon it sounds to me like they went with the type of voices often used in like an anime dub (but it doesn’t really suit the difference in chinese story telling imo)
  • TroyTroodon
    TroyTroodon 1 тиждень тому @maltsoy marai Pretty much, and you're right because Kaji Tang and Faye Mata are involved.
  • Joe Devaney
    Joe Devaney 1 день тому @TroyTroodon And Stephanie Sheh. She voices Blanca.
  • ・bad dreamr・
    ・bad dreamr・ 16 годин тому china
  • TroyTroodon
    TroyTroodon 11 годин тому @・bad dreamr・ I know it's Chinese
  • DongHua Reviews
    DongHua Reviews 2 тижні тому This was one of my favourite scenes. The Jade Workshop is such an interesting place. Just like its owner: beautiful, yet also terrifying.
  • Hawk Light
    Hawk Light 1 день тому I've never seen a character like the fox witch, she's cool.
  • Aeon
    Aeon 12 годин тому Yeah but you gotta be careful around kitsune's. Very cunning and trickster like creatures.
  • Red Ruby Rose
    Red Ruby Rose 12 годин тому It's not a fox witch, she's a kitsune, they're amazing yokai, but they can also be cunning and malicious
  • Oni Kiwi
    Oni Kiwi 3 години тому Huli Jing, you mean, not a kitsune
  • C alm
    C alm 1 тиждень тому This is a Chinese animation film, and also one of the legends of our country. The box office of this film in China is not satisfactory. People who have seen the film almost spontaneously publicized it, and it turned out to be profitable, which was a very difficult process. Hope the box office in North America goes well!
  • SpeedStriker
    SpeedStriker 5 днів тому How can you blame them, when most animated Chinese films turned out to be lackluster in recent years, no matter how good the trailers look? You better not be lying about this one being good! If I get another Dasheng Guilai situation, I think I'll loose all hope in Chinese animated films!
  • C alm
    C alm 5 днів тому @SpeedStriker You don't know how difficult the development of Chinese animation is. We all know what the shortcomings are, but there is no good story.
  • Ivris A
    Ivris A 3 дні тому SpeedStriker have you watched the recent Nezha?
  • C alm
    C alm 3 дні тому @Ivris A Yes, it's great. The final box office in China is close to 5 billion RMB
  • jy wei
    jy wei 1 день тому But at least the BO in China is pretty good for an animation movie. Thanks to the propagenda from the fans, otherwise I would miss it.
  • jy wei
    jy wei 1 день тому @C alm IMO it is not as good as White Snake, but it hit the family market.
  • mysteriouswolven
    mysteriouswolven 6 годин тому I am very excited to see it, though I hope the English dubbing does it justice. If I find the English version unsatisfying I will give it a try with subtitles. :)
  • princessthyemis
    princessthyemis 5 днів тому I LOVE this! The setting is so cool! This movie doesn't care about pleasing the lowest common denominator like Disney...They might say that witch's shirt is too low, or her skirt is too short, but nah, this company is unafraid to tell the story THEY want!
  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee 4 дні тому When you want to see the movie but can’t because you’re too broke
  • AnimeCrisis Bij. T.
    AnimeCrisis Bij. T. 3 дні тому Go to songs and trailers section in my channel and look for the link in description to watch it subbed.
  • Cecelia Bleeker
    Cecelia Bleeker 1 тиждень тому The guy looks like Kubo grown up
    KYLE RAMIREZ-HADRAKI 2 тижні тому (змінено) I wish you started making sequels. My mom likes your movie Song Of The Sea. I mean, all your PG rated movies are great. So why no sequels?
  • Sinistar
    Sinistar 2 тижні тому They simply distribute smaller companies works. So if you want to ask that question. Then you have to go to the source itself.
  • Arthur Rebello
    Arthur Rebello 5 днів тому KYLE RAMIREZ-HADRAKI Because what would be the point of a Song of the Sea Sequel? the story closes itself well, I rather see a indepentent story on the same universe.
    KYLE RAMIREZ-HADRAKI 5 днів тому I don’t know about the plot for that yet. But every time I see a movie without a sequel, I just think to myself “Well just because a movie’s ending was perfect doesn’t mean it should be left without a sequel.”.
  • BlossomNinja
    BlossomNinja 18 годин тому Imagine if animated films didn’t have characters for comedic relief
  • owo what's this
    owo what's this 3 дні тому i don't know what are you trying to sell but i will buy ten
  • Mariko ‧ ̊
    Mariko ‧ ̊ 1 тиждень тому THAT'S IT ... I'LL MAKE FANART HDBZJENZKRNZR
  • RIKA X
    RIKA X 2 тижні тому Daaaaamn i want to see this so haaaard!!! Do you think i have the hope to see this in italy? Have someone some kinda of calendar of exits about which country could purchase the rights of this film?
  • Tae Jinnie
    Tae Jinnie 1 тиждень тому You can watch it here, it's an amazing movie
  • Olive Oil
    Olive Oil 6 днів тому @Tae Jinnie Thank you! It really was a great movie, now that I see the original voices I'm not sure I care much for this dub though- 😂
  • Tae Jinnie
    Tae Jinnie 4 дні тому @Olive Oil you're welcome and same😄
  • maltsoy marai
    maltsoy marai 3 дні тому Tae Jinnie omfg thanks for the link 😭
  • Wise Sage of the Fanservice realms
    Wise Sage of the Fanservice realms 7 годин тому 0:55 You only know if it´s a good CGI when feets are rendered with this quality.
  • Shahida Annisa
    Shahida Annisa 1 день тому The fox looks interesting
  • {{dani - san}}
    {{dani - san}} 2 дні тому i wonder if the demon snake in the minute 0:41 is jade's demon, or if shes not a demon
  • Nerdy_ Rohan
    Nerdy_ Rohan 5 днів тому Can someone please tell me where i can watch the movie
  • Pacer Shark
    Pacer Shark 18 годин тому Nope. This scene would NOT be allowed in America with jades barley-on-robe and minions rubbing on her legs with pervert intensity. I can't believe i just wrote that.
  • cancerous lump
    cancerous lump 8 годин тому I will watch this if its the last thing I'll do
  • EmroidPBD Elite
    EmroidPBD Elite 1 тиждень тому (змінено) This is a JOJO’S REFERENCE!
  • Lizafoot For5
    Lizafoot For5 2 дні тому Looks unique. Dub a little strange but okay.