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DOWNTON ABBEY Movie Clip - Help Me (2019)

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The continuing saga of the Crawley family and the servants who work for them in the English countryside in the early 20th century.

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  • Michal Kate C.
    Michal Kate C. 5 днів тому Every time I see one of these characters happily driving a car I get scared tbh
  • Katherine E.
    Katherine E. 4 дні тому rippp it's still too soon
  • Christina Mitchell
    Christina Mitchell 4 дні тому Lol hahaa
  • Erin Stanger
    Erin Stanger 4 дні тому Well in that case I hope Edith decides to drive a car with Mrs. Hughes.
  • Christina Mitchell
    Christina Mitchell 4 дні тому @Erin Stanger why? Mrs. hughes is a loving kind character.
  • Erin Stanger
    Erin Stanger 4 дні тому @Christina Mitchell, I have to disagree because I always felt that she came across as though she were too good to work at Downton and that she had to lower herself to work for the Crawley family. Also, Mrs. Huges was always a bitch about Mary. Mary never spoke badly about Mrs. Hughes and yet Mrs. Hughes constantly talked trash about Mary. Mrs. Hughes also acted like a soiled brat when it came to Mary's relationship with Carson.
  • stregadisalem
    stregadisalem 4 дні тому hahaha
  • Joy L
    Joy L 4 дні тому Indeed. My memory goes straight to Matthew's final moments.
  • msinvincible2000
    msinvincible2000 3 дні тому @Erin Stanger Well, Mary is the most horrid character upstairs, and Mrs Hughes is the only one who is intelligent enough and not blind to this. It's a pity Mary didn't die instead of Sybill
  • crazedstargazer
    crazedstargazer 3 дні тому I know, my stomach flips and I hold breath 😂
  • Erin Stanger
    Erin Stanger 3 дні тому @msinvincible2000Mrs. Hughes wasn't just awful about Mary. It was others in the Crawley family she looked down on. In season 3 when Mrs. Hughes thought she might have cancer Cora told her not to worry about her job and she had the family's support, only for Mrs. Hughes to just turn around and talk trash. She was an ungrateful bitch. Mrs. Hughes called Mary uppity while she ignored her own snobby attitude. Edith was the most horrid person upstairs. She treated others badly and then acted like the innocent victim when they did it to her. At least Mary owned up to her bad behavior. So to me, it's too bad she didn't die in childbirth.
  • Carlos Manzo
    Carlos Manzo 5 днів тому I honestly don't know why I care about this family and their story, but god they have me and I'll watch that movie.
  • Casey Murphree
    Casey Murphree 5 днів тому because it is SO well done
  • De St
    De St 4 дні тому I'm in the same boat. I've always liked that era (WWI - 1930), but sometimes the drama is just too much or too sickly sweet. I'm afraid the movie is going to pour it on twice as thick. Have you seen it?
  • Bethan Griffiths
    Bethan Griffiths 4 дні тому Oh my gosh, you HAVE to watch the tv show! It's so good!
  • Raspberry Dove-Ali
    Raspberry Dove-Ali 4 дні тому (змінено) I have my #DowntonAbbeyMovie tickets for this Thursday need less to say, this is going to be 1-of the Longest weeks of my life! #CantWait 😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • Happybidr
    Happybidr 2 дні тому I DO know why. Too many reasons to list, but primarily it’s the writing, the characters (and the acting), the very high production values, and most of all, at it’s base it is a pleasant, fairly positive view of the world, centered around a very loving couple, Robert and Cora Crowley. As Julian Fellowes said, the main couple had to have a good marriage. If you watch an earlier movie of his about a similar crowd, you’ll see how awful it would be if they weren’t in love with each other.
  • El Cee
    El Cee 5 днів тому Carson striding up that walkway like the greatest superhero of all time!
  • wandawang
    wandawang 4 дні тому El Cee Carson the Terminator
  • Audrey Kennedy
    Audrey Kennedy 3 дні тому He should have worn a cape
  • The-LittleFangirl
    The-LittleFangirl 4 дні тому Why didn't Mary acknowledge Mrs Hughes presence that's kinda rude even for her lmaoo
  • De St
    De St 4 дні тому But not out of character. She never had anything to do with Mrs Hughes.
  • Audrey Kennedy
    Audrey Kennedy 4 дні тому I was thinking the same. She could have said hello and goodbye to mrs. Carson.
  • Erin Stanger
    Erin Stanger 4 дні тому @Audrey KennedyKennedy Why should she? Mrs. Hughes was always a bitch about Mary.
  • TameThing
    TameThing 3 дні тому Erin Stanger : Because, civility. It's just the polite thing to do.
  • Erin Stanger
    Erin Stanger 3 дні тому @TameThing How do we know Mary hadn't already said hello to Mrs. Hughes already? If she is still working at Downtown then it's likely Mary has already said hello to her.
  • SingItOutLoud Mood
    SingItOutLoud Mood 5 днів тому I'll never question Mr. Carson's love for Mary. Even in the series, Mary was like a daughter to Mr. Carson.
  • Joanna Mallory
    Joanna Mallory 4 дні тому SingItOutLoud Mood kind of a disrespectful, churlish daughter, but, yes.
  • Douglas Daniel
    Douglas Daniel 4 дні тому June 1st, 1940-- as German bombs explode in the water around them, the crew of an English fishing trawler pull British soldiers out of the water off the beach at Dunkirk. Among the soldiers is a young subaltern everyone agrees should still be in school. The kid spends half an hour puking up seawater as the trawler heads for England. At the dock in Dover the subaltern is embarrassed to find his mother looking for him-- but Mary Crawley has always been a little overprotective of her only son, George Crawley, Earl of Grantham. That's the sequel I really want to see.
  • Susan Kennedy
    Susan Kennedy 17 годин тому Douglas Daniel whoa.....write this up (a general idea) and submit it. Somehow. You can DO this.
  • Juventin
    Juventin 4 дні тому wish they could of found a better reason to involve Carson, not at Thomas Barrow expense...
  • Tracy Rowe
    Tracy Rowe 5 днів тому I actually got choked up watching Carson beam as he walked up the path to Downton.
  • DESIRE Cathy
    DESIRE Cathy 5 днів тому Favorite character ...THE DOWAGER😂😂😂...... ....
  • Lord Grantham
    Lord Grantham 5 днів тому After how dramatic Downton was, I appreciate the calm.
  • Scoutpower1
    Scoutpower1 1 тиждень тому WHAT OF LADY MARY'S SECOND CHILD with Henry, George's half brother or sister?
  • Erin Stanger
    Erin Stanger 4 дні тому I’ve wondered the same thing.
  • Kathy Edens
    Kathy Edens 4 дні тому In one clip I saw she had a little girl sitting on her lap during the time the children came down for their time with their parents. It wasn't Sybbie or Marigold so she must have had a little girl.
  • Melissa Haylock
    Melissa Haylock 4 дні тому At one point in the film, she mentions 'George and Caroline' and a young girl is seen briefly in a couple of scenes but that's about it
  • diva1675
    diva1675 3 дні тому I was hoping they would move a little farther in time. Perhaps on the cush of WWII.
  • Kelly Ann Radley
    Kelly Ann Radley 4 дні тому Went to the cinema last night and saw this film. It was emotional, funny and it was a pure pleasure.
  • Chris A
    Chris A 21 годину тому One more day and I can finally watch my favorite show on the big screen....I can’t contain myself right now!! 🤸🏽‍♀️🤗🤸🏽‍♂️🤗🤸🏽‍♀️
  • Your Grace _
    Your Grace _ 4 дні тому This music always makes me feel like crying for some odd reason..can’t wait til the movie comes out!
  • cheetahinireland18
    cheetahinireland18 4 дні тому I live for Mrs. Hughes' exasperation for Carson's undying adoration for Lady Mary. Especially now that they're married, it's too funny. "You could never refuse her anything." You can tell she just wants to roll her eyes right out of her head!
  • Goldtown 67
    Goldtown 67 4 дні тому Which man could refuse Lady Mary something? 😉
  • carl44acq
    carl44acq 3 дні тому With the advertising budget for this flick someone must be very worried its going to bomb. Julian Fellowes' last bowel movement.
  • Grallon Sphere
    Grallon Sphere 5 днів тому So, are they showing the whole movie online, ahead of time, one clip at a time?
  • Melody Maker
    Melody Maker 5 днів тому Oh thank god thomas finds love! I was sooooo worried. He’s my favourite character and I always felt like he deserved better. It looks like he might get it. Phew
  • Wiilka Qarniga
    Wiilka Qarniga 5 днів тому Not sure why you think so, He was a dick for most of the series.
  • msinvincible2000
    msinvincible2000 3 дні тому Really? Thomas was a horrible person, and his only redeeming feature is his affection for the heir of the estate (which, knowing what a selfish, heartless, calculating person he is, may be that he does that only so he can be certain of his position in Downton Abbey). Have you forgotten how he loved hurting people and creating discord? Even O'Brien wasn't as deviant and evil as him
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 5 днів тому THOMAS HAS A LOVE INTEREST?!
  • Melody Maker
    Melody Maker 5 днів тому I know. Thank god
  • Soglossy Tv
    Soglossy Tv 5 днів тому @Melody Maker did you say thank God.I dont think so.
  • Karen From Finasse
    Karen From Finasse 5 днів тому @Soglossy Tv Thank GOD! Thomas finally deserves to find himself a man!
  • De St
    De St 4 дні тому @Soglossy Tv Fuck off. The Church of England's bigotry figures very minimally in this series. Let's keep yours out of it altogether.
  • Karen From Finasse
    Karen From Finasse 4 дні тому John Adams I can see that bothers you. Well you can always file a formal complaint with the motion picture academy. Simply seal your carefully thought out appeal in an envelope, apply the appropriate stamps, tightly roll up the entire letter as one would a newspaper and finally shove it up your arse. You should hear back in no later than 3-5 business days.
  • John Adams
    John Adams 4 дні тому @Karen From Finasse Unlike sodomites, I don't shove things up my ass. I'm on the side of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True which means I am against degeneracy in all its forms.
  • De St
    De St 4 дні тому @John Adams Why are you here? Judging by the frequency and popularity of anal sex in heterosexual pornography, you cannot claim the "degeneracy" lies solely in other spheres. It's too bad your father (or is it uncle? Grandfather?) didn't prefer your mother's ass. Then we'd have been spared your pathetic attempt at debate.
  • sloven
    sloven 4 дні тому John Adams lmfao what’s good you shitty old bitch
  • Ryan p
    Ryan p 4 дні тому @John Adams There's only two types of people who watch costume dramas. Women, and men who enjoy shoving things up their bums!