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Avengers Endgame : Best Fight Scene Movie Clip HD

Published on Sep 2, 2019 4,495,936 views

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Avengers Endgame : Best Fight Scene Movie Clip HD
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  • Fire. FistAce
    Fire. FistAce 2 дні тому Scarlet witch could’ve killed Thanos by herself
  • my life is a lie
    my life is a lie 1 день тому Fire. FistAce actually no
  • John Paul Toledo
    John Paul Toledo 1 день тому @my life is a lie actually yes according to the director of this movie.
  • my life is a lie
    my life is a lie 1 день тому @John Paul Toledo so.... Doctor strange lie? Because he say this is the only outcome that they win so any other scenario will lead to avenger lose. Or the director makes a mistake by say that?
  • Matthew Setiawan
    Matthew Setiawan 1 день тому my life is a lie no this wasnt the only outcome that they would win. Dr strange saw 14 milion possibilities not infinity.
  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce 1 день тому Matthew Setiawan this
  • Jordan BL
    Jordan BL 1 день тому @my life is a lie that means in others 14 millions outcomes Thanos finds a way to win (by rain fire etc) you dumbfuck
  • Dane P
    Dane P 1 день тому (змінено) Kinda makes you wonder why she didnt just lift Thanos up in the air with one hand and then carry on killing vision with the other back in Infinity war Edit = Just realized Thanos had 5 of the stones during that part in IW, muh bad dawg Edit Edit = Plus, she actually killed Vision before Thanos got there anyway so my suggestion was pointless, god im stupid today
  • my life is a lie
    my life is a lie 1 день тому @Jordan BL well if thanos die, the battle will obviously win by avenger since i don't his army want to use the gautlet. And why you even need to say that i'm dumb? If thanos die i can guarantee that avenger will win. And 14 million outcome may include avengers give up, fail to get the stone, ant man die, tony die, etc not only thanos finds a way to win.
  • ItsNoahScott
    ItsNoahScott 1 день тому Because Feminism?
  • Andy Li
    Andy Li 1 день тому my life is a lie dude I don’t get what’s so hard to understand? The director of the movie confirmed that if Thanos didn’t fire the lasers, he would’ve been torn apart. It’s just a simple way to say how strong she is, it has nothing to do with the ending because she was knocked by the lasers alright?
  • Prince Sanglekar
    Prince Sanglekar 1 день тому @Dane P 🤣😂😂
  • Glenda xiomara Centeno moncada
    Glenda xiomara Centeno moncada 20 годин тому @my life is a lie let's say.. She can kill him by herself, but there was just one chance for them to win, like doc strange said so, even though she can kill him, they would've been lost.
  • Noochie
    Noochie 20 годин тому Fire. FistAce Thor was the closest to killing a healthy Thanos lol
  • Noochie
    Noochie 20 годин тому Fire. FistAce well in shape thor* lol
  • Stevanus Richard
    Stevanus Richard 16 годин тому to all...yes, she could kill thanos by herself, if thanos didn't call for back-up he will be dead
  • Vikram Raj
    Vikram Raj 10 годин тому @Matthew Setiawan Scarlett Witch was running away for life with Thanos minions chasing in Infinity war...But sure she could beat Thanos
  • Vikram Raj
    Vikram Raj 10 годин тому @Jordan BL one out of 14 million is an insane probabilistic outcome. It's like picking random atom from the mass of earth then picking it again. Avengers beating Thanos physically is just impossible
  • Vikram Raj
    Vikram Raj 10 годин тому @Dane P why was she running away for her life with Thanos minions chasing in Infinity war if she's that strong? It's just that they had to give her a "moment" that's all
  • Matthew Setiawan
    Matthew Setiawan 9 годин тому Stevanus Richard seems like thanos was in pain, but he didnt get any scars or blood. Only guys to make Thanos bleed was iron man and Thor.
  • shinsuke Nakamura
    shinsuke Nakamura 8 годин тому @my life is a lie no she could easily have done this......
  • The Red PixelGunner
    The Red PixelGunner 8 годин тому No it was not possible i am sorry to say
  • shinsuke Nakamura
    shinsuke Nakamura 5 годин тому @The Red PixelGunner it was possible buddy ........the complete situation was under her controll.....unless that space ship attacked on her......dont you see that
  • Ivan Thorn
    Ivan Thorn 4 години тому Agreed
  • Lithium505
    Lithium505 3 дні тому Cutting "Avengers... assemble" should be illegal
  • Kelton & Karmen
    Kelton & Karmen 23 години тому Fact's -Kelton
  • XxthedarkcityxX
    XxthedarkcityxX 5 годин тому Well he really wants to avoid copyright..
  • Jason williams
    Jason williams 3 години тому It blasphemy without avengers assemble
    FENRIR-ART 54 хвилини тому It's Disney. They wreck moments and blind you with some bad distraction
  • sultan menambang
    sultan menambang 1 тиждень тому *Captain america's shield*= Undestroyable Thanos's sword: Destroys it Scarlet witch: Destroys thanos's sword Thanos: Surprised pikachu face
  • ar ar
    ar ar 1 тиждень тому But it explains that she has the power to break it into pieces
  • Rohiy ted
    Rohiy ted 1 тиждень тому @ar ar Said who?
  • ar ar
    ar ar 1 тиждень тому @Rohiy ted a fan of marvel
  • Rohiy ted
    Rohiy ted 1 тиждень тому @ar ar And that's cannon?
  • Neon_Green
    Neon_Green 1 тиждень тому I agree with ar ar
  • SmeatPlays
    SmeatPlays 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Rohiy ted canon* and yes she definitely could break it into a thousand pieces
  • RKDG review
    RKDG review 1 тиждень тому @SmeatPlays she can break an infinity stone into many pieces so it will only be reasonable that she can break the sword
  • Clark Strange
    Clark Strange 1 тиждень тому RKDG review but I thought she could only do that since she was connected to the mind stone
  • RKDG review
    RKDG review 1 тиждень тому @Clark Strange maybe ur right
  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel 1 тиждень тому Best scene, you're kidding me? Not with this outfit in this situation - Scarlet has been a joke, and she will always be.
  • Assa Darlingtoni
    Assa Darlingtoni 1 тиждень тому @Slevin Channel Nah, ur just jealous that underrated characters finally get some attention. Good luck in life i guess
  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel 1 тиждень тому @Assa Darlingtoni Ok, interesting opinion, but not accurate enough to be interesting so i would want to discuss it. You know, It reminds me of Fairy Tail - if you happen to know that - where in supposedly extremly emotional scenes all clothes are ripped or you simply wear a bikini - or both. Yes, mostly both. You can't take them seriously like that.
  • joshua ashley
    joshua ashley 1 тиждень тому I want to know can batman or superman beat thanos
  • Daniel Ilbråten
    Daniel Ilbråten 1 тиждень тому @Rohiy ted If you can break off a piece, you can break the whole thing.
  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir 1 тиждень тому Metal fatigue from fighting Cap, Thor and Ironman would have played a significant role.
  • thecplman1
    thecplman1 1 тиждень тому It seems to me that didn't Thanos destroy Captain America's shield in the comics, too?
  • COVER Sando
    COVER Sando 6 днів тому Surprised pikachu's face was greaaaat hahahahahahaha
  • The Chairsofter
    The Chairsofter 6 днів тому @crxdelsolsir Bullshit.... She could rip Ultron's heart out, destroy an infinity stone, and in the comics she wiped out 90% of all mutant life. If the movies hadn't nerfed her so much in AoU or Infinity War, they could've lead up to her power rise. In fact, if she was anywhere near comic level, she could've solo'd Thanos.
  • Crystal Shards
    Crystal Shards 5 днів тому joshua ashley I think not batman because his superpower of being rich maybe can’t help but superman he could but DC and MARVEL are very different when it comes to power
  • Jordan Will
    Jordan Will 5 днів тому Course she can break it, she can break an infinity stone!
  • CreeperX 04
    CreeperX 04 3 дні тому @Clark Strange No, I think how she destroyed the Stone is because every stone has a MILLION OF NEURONS explained by Dr.Banner. Wanda can manipulate the mind by neurons so by logic she can destroy all stones (if they all have neurons).
  • CreeperX 04
    CreeperX 04 3 дні тому @Rohiy ted Ok use Common sense here she only threw like a Witch Blast at jis sword many times and it broke! So if she focused on destroying it then IN FACT she can Destroy the sword and his armor.
  • Alfonzo Totti
    Alfonzo Totti 3 дні тому You have 666 like
  • Hell Yeah!
    Hell Yeah! 1 день тому @Rohiy ted In the HQs she can break the reality into pieces. She are actuality really nerfed in the movies.
  • Moisty Console
    Moisty Console 1 день тому It didn't got fully destroyed only the in front of it got a little bit
  • amko Dark
    amko Dark 1 день тому Caps shield is made of the strongest metal on the Earth..Earth underlined ! Thanos sword is made by the lil' dude who made Thor's stormbreaker, so obvi he can demolish that shield
  • RobMacRay
    RobMacRay 23 години тому Scarlet Wahmaan. Endgame is woke; male characters are cucked; the story sucked.
  • De Emperor Lyrics
    De Emperor Lyrics 1 тиждень тому Spiderman always introducing himself to everyone he meets
  • Laila -
    Laila - 1 тиждень тому He won't introduce himself to anyone anymore, since there's no spiderman 3
  • Hashibira Inosuke
    Hashibira Inosuke 1 тиждень тому No wonder the secret is out. No one ask him and there he is telling everyone that he is peter parker and live in Queens
  • thegameplayer 07
    thegameplayer 07 6 днів тому Spider-man: Bye everyone!
  • Laila -
    Laila - 6 днів тому @thegameplayer 07 haha
  • Aizen Cabil
    Aizen Cabil 3 дні тому Lol
  • hi I from Russia
    hi I from Russia 3 дні тому
  • yash dwivedi
    yash dwivedi 2 дні тому Yaa the aliens thought activate instant kill is his way of introduction.
  • Dane P
    Dane P 1 день тому Aint he supposed to be keeping it a secret?
  • Noochie
    Noochie 20 годин тому De Emperor Lyrics I love it lol
  • Noochie
    Noochie 20 годин тому Laila - that doesn’t mean we won’t see Spider-Man anymore
    FENRIR-ART 53 хвилини тому That is not Spider man. That is a tool and Iron Man Jr. He makes Miss Martian look nicer
  • Tridon
    Tridon 1 тиждень тому 7:15 Cm: destroys thanoses ship Thanos: I didn't have insurance
  • Clattering Swords
    Clattering Swords 6 днів тому The ship wouldnt be that bad if he thought he was gonna win. I think he shouldnt have bothered as much as he seemed to
  • GenericUsername
    GenericUsername 5 днів тому Mr Ditkovich appears "give me rent!"
  • Tyson
    Tyson 4 дні тому Lol
  • beanward123
    beanward123 20 годин тому @GenericUsername you'll get your rent when you fix that damn door!
  • Instakill__ YT
    Instakill__ YT 2 години тому Tridon,lol🤣
    FENRIR-ART 57 хвилин тому Disney made him a idiot. Thanos can do fine without a ship since he uses a spacial chair to take him places and he can build his own tools...oops. never mind. Disney raped him to be the loser you and I saw
    FENRIR-ART 55 хвилин тому Jessica Cruz: Well I told someone that. Cade Yaeger: I don't think he has because he is full of purple shit.
  • FourthPaladin
    FourthPaladin 2 тижні тому ya literally jump-cutted the best parts of the scene shame on you
  • epic gamer69
    epic gamer69 1 тиждень тому FourthPaladin better editing and quality
  • Esmeralda
    Esmeralda 1 тиждень тому @epic gamer69 jjkoppppploiiiii
  • memes moments
    memes moments 1 тиждень тому Ikr
  • TheFlashGhost32
    TheFlashGhost32 1 тиждень тому @epic gamer69 where is "the best parts" in that, I only see 1 fight, I better off just buy the movie.
  • niconeko12
    niconeko12 1 тиждень тому Yeah this video clip is total crap.
  • epic gamer69
    epic gamer69 1 тиждень тому TheFlashGhost32 yee just buy it lmao
  • k i
    k i 2 дні тому Indeed.
  • Goofy’s Epic Adventures
    Goofy’s Epic Adventures 2 дні тому It's illegal to just upload the entire thing you get that, right?
  • Ronele macaspac Macaspac
    Ronele macaspac Macaspac 1 день тому It will copy righted
  • Riddhi Vaze
    Riddhi Vaze 1 тиждень тому I'm still disappointed that they didn't give a funeral for black widow i mean come on she was an og avenger
  • Nusrat Jahan
    Nusrat Jahan 5 днів тому Riddhi Vaze same here....
  • Assa Darlingtoni
    Assa Darlingtoni 5 днів тому Yes but atleast we'll get her movie! (WHAT SHE DESERVED A LONG TIME AGO!)
  • Awoken Prince
    Awoken Prince 5 днів тому they probably did just off screen
  • 卡瓦邦咖
    卡瓦邦咖 5 днів тому hawkeye:yes,og avengers
  • anderson318s
    anderson318s 5 днів тому She might come back as black widow clairevoint just like the comics with a little twist?
  • Alvarez Zago
    Alvarez Zago 5 днів тому Riddhi Vaze 😕
  • Ved Save
    Ved Save 5 днів тому U never know... After Endgame, Cap goes back to give the soul stone on Vormir.. once he gives it back the soul for a soul policy may be activated and Nat may be brought back to life... Maybe she's still alive on Vormir BTW the Russos in an interview confirmed that Tony and Steve are dead but once they came to Natasha, they said let's see
  • Chongkie Man
    Chongkie Man 5 днів тому Riddhi Vase what you mean of og avenger?
  • per min
    per min 5 днів тому @Ved Save That's really stupid, soul stone is no dealer. If you return soul stone back, you just return it, that's it
  • bobby Valentino
    bobby Valentino 4 дні тому @Chongkie Man "Original Gangster "
  • Kurochio
    Kurochio 4 дні тому ​@Ved Save Am i the only one still laughing that when Cap "gives back the soul stone" he would be staring face to face with the Red Skull
  • EN9ITY
    EN9ITY 4 дні тому she has a movie coming out, a funeral wouldn’t be as emotional then
  • Kyosuke Nanbu
    Kyosuke Nanbu 4 дні тому @per min you should watch Hishe haha
  • Ded _meme
    Ded _meme 3 дні тому Riddhi Vaze they'll probably put it on her movie Maybe they had to cut it off because of the length of the movie
  • Bubu Dabis
    Bubu Dabis 3 дні тому She was an agent of shield, they probably had a secret funeral
  • Scooter Ball
    Scooter Ball 3 дні тому Might be a credit scene of the Black Widow movie
  • Beauty VEILED
    Beauty VEILED 3 дні тому But how she’s stuck on vormir and her body disappeares
  • ARABMaverick
    ARABMaverick 3 дні тому She has her own upcoming movie that's perhaps carrying a surprise
  • Kawkos Gaming
    Kawkos Gaming 3 дні тому Riddhi Vaze Stark was as well
  • OHH YES!
    OHH YES! 3 дні тому @Ved Save dude Black Widow is confirmed dead (Spoiler) because in Spider-Man Far from home there was an Intro that shows Tony,Captain America,Black Widow's picture and it says "in memoriam of" and shows their pictures
  • Ved Save
    Ved Save 3 дні тому @OHH YES! That was shown by Peter's High School news... They were told by the Avengers that she died.... They don't know yet. It's just a theory.. take it with a pinch of salt as we don't know if it's true or not
  • OHH YES!
    OHH YES! 3 дні тому @Ved Save oh yea ur right i rewatch the movie now and I thought it was real
  • Stryke
    Stryke 2 дні тому They didnt have the body
  • Balto the Husky
    Balto the Husky 1 день тому They didn’t have a body to bury
  • Noochie
    Noochie 20 годин тому Ved Save if that’s the case she would’ve came back when hulk used the infinity stones he said he tried to bring her back as well
  • Noochie
    Noochie 20 годин тому ARABMaverick her movie coming out is not after end game the date in the movie is after civil war
  • Sun Ivanka
    Sun Ivanka 1 тиждень тому Why is scarlett witch so underrated?? She should have more fighting scenes, shes like one of the strongest ones!
  • Daville Official
    Daville Official 1 тиждень тому it’s because ever since she was introduced she was nerfed but she’s been getting stronger the fight scene with thanos is nothing compared to what she can do in the comics.
  • StrykerAirsoft
    StrykerAirsoft 1 тиждень тому Thor is and always will be the baddest motherfucker ever in the Avengers! Period.
  • Blood_Of_The_Dragon
    Blood_Of_The_Dragon 1 тиждень тому @StrykerAirsoft in your opinion.
  • Lamounier Soares
    Lamounier Soares 1 тиждень тому @StrykerAirsoft Dude, chill. No one is ranking here. Just saying SW is underrated, which is true.
  • Mattéo Gille
    Mattéo Gille 6 днів тому don t worry you just have to wait wandavision and dr strange 2 PS Sorry for my french I m french
  • khushboo sharma
    khushboo sharma 6 днів тому And without any superpowers
  • Luke Mosley
    Luke Mosley 6 днів тому Captain marvel is actually the strongest.
  • Sudipa
    Sudipa 6 днів тому Even Dr Strange was highly underrated.
  • Sun Ivanka
    Sun Ivanka 6 днів тому @Sudipa Yesss!!! Him and scarlet witch.
  • Gavin Toon
    Gavin Toon 5 днів тому (змінено) That’s because she is the strongest avenger ever and I’m not saying that because she’s my favorite superhero. And to all the people that are gonna say “oh, Captain Marvel is the strongest.” You’re absolutely 100% wrong. I love Scarlet Witch!
  • Gavin Toon
    Gavin Toon 5 днів тому Mattéo Gille I was actually gonna say the same thing!😂 Scarlet Witch is literally my favorite superhero. I love her.
  • peeraM Y%
    peeraM Y% 5 днів тому StrykerAirsoft naw he is now a litteral beer belly
  • Ved Save
    Ved Save 5 днів тому Yeah
  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar 5 днів тому Yes she is powerful but she have not experience and even she didn't unlock 100% of her abilities. ..
  • Jmgjgdjd5
    Jmgjgdjd5 5 днів тому you just answered your own question; she's been held back because she's so strong
  • Mathew Simon
    Mathew Simon 3 дні тому she was not ready for anal to stanlee😪😪😪
  • Deepak Pathak
    Deepak Pathak 3 дні тому @Daville Official if you're comparing with comics then many characters are there whom powers are nerfed in movies (Dr. Strange , rune King thor , World breaker hulk , and many others).
  • Robert Hazlett
    Robert Hazlett 2 дні тому She would have killed Thanos is not for the explosions hitting.
  • Jean bart
    Jean bart 1 день тому Gavin Toon pl
  • Winter Z edits
    Winter Z edits 6 годин тому @Luke Mosley Lol, keep thinking that.
  • Winter Z edits
    Winter Z edits 6 годин тому @Gavin Toon She's not. Thor is.
  • Linalool Xd
    Linalool Xd 1 годину тому Sudipa especially him, in the first part he was like I can almost defeat him and in the second he just stopped the water wow
  • Minecraft is better than Fortnite
    Minecraft is better than Fortnite 5 днів тому Who else got crazy theater reactions when cap lifted Thor's hammer?
  • Kelvin Nnabuenyi
    Kelvin Nnabuenyi 4 дні тому Me but I dident cap is trash iron man should've won in civil war
  • Mr W
    Mr W 4 дні тому @Kelvin Nnabuenyi Nice spelling
  • Kelvin Nnabuenyi
    Kelvin Nnabuenyi 3 дні тому @Mr W thanks :/
  • Matheus Cruz
    Matheus Cruz 3 дні тому From that point onwards, it was pretty much nonstop cheering and applause.
  • hi I from Russia
    hi I from Russia 3 дні тому
  • Minecraft is better than Fortnite
    Minecraft is better than Fortnite 2 дні тому Matheus Cruz yeah pretty much....
  • Fran Oi plays
    Fran Oi plays 2 дні тому Me
  • Damon Cerreta
    Damon Cerreta 2 дні тому Minecraft is better than Fortnite who else thinks this kid can jump in a pond for being a pats fan.....clown
  • G Studio
    G Studio 2 дні тому Nice a fellow patriots fan
  • texas thunder
    texas thunder 2 дні тому (змінено) Stupidest piece of crap on the face of the planet! Homosexual transgender‘s drag queen story time!
  • shashi kumar jain
    shashi kumar jain 2 дні тому (змінено) @ Kelvin Nnabuenyi  What the heck man !! Iron man cannot lift Thor's hammer because he is not worthy but cap is !!! ( Not a hate comment but the truth)
  • Zuad Will
    Zuad Will 2 дні тому Minecraft is better than Fortnite we all clapped and I started it LoL
  • Dre Productions
    Dre Productions 1 день тому Minecraft is better than Fortnite me
  • Weng Sante
    Weng Sante 1 день тому I literally froze and felt goosebumps all over me
  • Carlo Leoni
    Carlo Leoni 1 день тому I think that scene in one of the most ridicolous stuff i ever seen . He lifted it for the first time , so without any practice ever ,and suddenly starts to use it at its 100%. I mean he uses it with the all skills the hammer its capable of . Just like Thor...maybe even a Little better. I mean what are we talkin about. The theatre went "woooooooaahhh" ??? I remember i really felt embarassed with myself .
  • Jamieson San
    Jamieson San 1 день тому I standed up on the chair
  • ItsNoahScott
    ItsNoahScott 1 день тому No
    FENRIR-ART 53 хвилини тому Not me. I avoided this shit and enjoyed Mothra being able to have a REAL fight with two bigger does.
  • Cameron Wood
    Cameron Wood 2 тижні тому What im wondering is where is black widow's funeral
  • Greg Song Gravador
    Greg Song Gravador 2 тижні тому The reason why is because she still has her own solo film coming up next year. The Russo brothers wanted to dedicate this film more to Iron Man since his story in the MCU ends; as well as Captain America.
  • Tim Henke
    Tim Henke 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Greg Song Gravador plus Iron Man is the one who started this cinematic universe.
  • Ragnarok Sora
    Ragnarok Sora 1 тиждень тому She isn't stunning when she hiding in a casket.
  • BruceLee'sLegacy
    BruceLee'sLegacy 1 тиждень тому because she is a woman 😁😁😁
  • Ragnarok Sora
    Ragnarok Sora 1 тиждень тому BruceLee'sLegacy only good thing about black widow is her looks.
  • Et Cogito Ergo Sum
    Et Cogito Ergo Sum 1 тиждень тому the script for this movie is shit, dont think about it
  • Chuckles A
    Chuckles A 1 тиждень тому Black widows is the snap of iron man she got the stone
  • Riddhi Vaze
    Riddhi Vaze 1 тиждень тому @Greg Song Gravador but that doesn't mean that they would just shove away black widow by not giving her a funeral i mean she deserves it she was an og avenger
  • d21cpg
    d21cpg 1 тиждень тому @Riddhi Vaze I agree. At least a pic tribute with flowers
  • wd 752
    wd 752 1 тиждень тому MCU funerals are for superheroes.
  • SyncCore
    SyncCore 1 тиждень тому Black widow has been sacrificed for the soul stone which makes her forgotten
  • WookiesrPpl LOL
    WookiesrPpl LOL 6 днів тому true
  • Samuel Blázquez
    Samuel Blázquez 6 днів тому wd 752 Black Widow was also a superhero
  • Adam
    Adam 4 дні тому Cameron Wood they also couldnt retrieve her body, so that plays part in why, but not a big one
  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf 1 день тому BruceLee'sLegacy that’s rude 😾👎
  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf 1 день тому Ragnarok Sora u r an idiot
  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf 1 день тому Ragnarok Sora SHE SACRIFICED HESELF FOR A DAMN STONE
  • Joker Puddin
    Joker Puddin 1 день тому How the hell are they suppose to get back her body?
  • Fakhar
    Fakhar 21 годину тому Her sacrifice is the future. They’re all living her funeral
  • Metaphysics
    Metaphysics 7 годин тому Because nobody gives a fuck
  • Eternal_ Rain
    Eternal_ Rain 5 днів тому (змінено) Scarlet witch a living infinity stone. Edit: vision too
  • AmyBlackRoseCena
    AmyBlackRoseCena 4 дні тому So is Doctor Strange! He's actually multiple stones in one.
  • Adam
    Adam 4 дні тому AmyBlackRoseCena what how? Vision had a physical infinity stone, and scarlet witch had red magic powers withc resemble the reality stone in action, while docter stranges powers dont resemble any stone, he’s just like the other sorcerers and sorceresses, but better
  • AmyBlackRoseCena
    AmyBlackRoseCena 4 дні тому @Adam He warps reality, controls space and has the time stone (for a while). I'm actually just going off of what another post said a while back. He and the wizards all have powers that resemble the stones
  • Chillmonger Thatroll
    Chillmonger Thatroll 4 дні тому Hulk is living gama radiation
  • Soulsreaper
    Soulsreaper 2 дні тому I still don't get why she got so close to thanos, considering her magic is more long range type, it doesn't seem to make any sense for her to get so close, see that's the problem so many of them are use to fighting ppl that can barely compare with them, they don't have any realistic combat training. I will say though its to bad that banner doesn't take some martial arts classes then the hulk would actually be invincible, also I wonder if they cut off the infected arm if it would grow back normal or if it wouldn't grow back at all because of the damage from the infinity stones, well its weird though because the hulks energy is sorta like the infinity stones so I don't understand why the writers decided to break with the lor of the hulk and make it so that he didn't heal when everything ever written about him before this fully suggests he would of healed and practically right on the spot. its to bad this movie wasn't written by, the ppl that wrote the x men- dark phoenix, because those writters really stuck to the lore of the charcters powers, cause wolverine and the hulk are spouse to both have almost the same level of healing well the hulks is spouse to be better infact that it doesn't allow him to age at all if hes in hulk form because the healing ability is so insane, and to say that the phoenix force isn't as powerful as the inifity stones is bullshit because there both cosmic entities, and logan was being hit by it big time and he was healing immediately he was standing right by her and his skin was heealing so quick he just had some burns. that's what the hulks healing is spouse to be like but times 10, the moment hes cut its spouse to come back, its literally makes it so that if hes hit by a mutant that is spouse to be a 1 hit kill ability it doesn't even work.
  • Eternal_ Rain
    Eternal_ Rain 2 дні тому Soulsreaper good comment!
  • rєчnαld
    rєчnαld 2 дні тому No, Vision is dead.
  • BananaSlapper Gaming, Movies and TV
    BananaSlapper Gaming, Movies and TV 2 дні тому Imagine if Marvel owned X-Men and Jean Grey was in her place
  • dadada486
    dadada486 1 день тому Captain Marvel and Wanda's power came from the infinity stones.....Dr Strange used the stones but never received any powers from it.
  • RobMacRay
    RobMacRay 23 години тому And yet Vision was wait, he was cucked, right? Terrible movie.
  • tiger claws
    tiger claws 1 тиждень тому When you realized that this is the last time spider man team up with A team
    THE AVENGER 4 дні тому Thank you, now i'm feel bad
  • Krytron Cinematics
    Krytron Cinematics 4 дні тому A soul, for a soul.
  • JRfoodie lovefun
    JRfoodie lovefun 2 дні тому Because disney wants it all
    THE AVENGER 2 дні тому @JRfoodie lovefun sony too
  • Andrea Barraza
    Andrea Barraza 2 дні тому 😭😭
  • JRfoodie lovefun
    JRfoodie lovefun 2 дні тому @THE AVENGER base from what I've read. Disney wants 50/50. I think thats not fair.
  • Fatima Syed
    Fatima Syed 1 тиждень тому I really wanted to hear Cap say: "Avengers Assemble".
  • Ana Sandoval
    Ana Sandoval 1 тиждень тому Same
  • Shawn Hufana
    Shawn Hufana 1 тиждень тому Me to
  • midas touch of ASM
    midas touch of ASM 1 тиждень тому He did say it yall
  • Dave Gregory
    Dave Gregory 6 днів тому I wasn't impressed. Shouts Avengers and softly says assemble. At which point they were already assembled.
  • Tristian Nurse
    Tristian Nurse 6 днів тому Me to
  • Beauty VEILED
    Beauty VEILED 6 днів тому Fatima Syed same
  • midas touch of ASM
    midas touch of ASM 6 днів тому Dave Gregory what do you expect from a man who’s literally bleeding with a half broken shield after a duel with Thanos , does he have so much energy left to waste on shouting ? Think , it was a well thought scene where Cap does say Avengers loudly but Assemble softly bcs he is exhausted and in need of air which he gets eventually as the heroes assemble , so your dissatisfaction although true isn’t debatable as it’s meaningless
  • Beauty VEILED
    Beauty VEILED 6 днів тому You got a point
  • Jmgjgdjd5
    Jmgjgdjd5 5 днів тому too bad
  • Divisha Agarwal
    Divisha Agarwal 1 тиждень тому Is no one gonna talk about how Tony's nightmare from age of Ultron came true in endgame Cap laying there with a broken shield Dead Natasha Big alien bugs thingies ....and stuff
  • Izabella Oeland
    Izabella Oeland 1 тиждень тому (змінено) I mean it did happen, but Thor is still alive but with an axe AND a hammer and Barton is alive with a mohawkeye (get it) But wheres Thanos in that vision???
  • ermac was here
    ermac was here 1 тиждень тому @Izabella Oeland stupid joke
  • Shivansh Chauhan
    Shivansh Chauhan 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Well the dreams of three main Avengers came true. Thor saw the events that happened after Ragnarok (Heimdal and many asgaurdians dying) and the Infinity stones coming together on something with looked like a golden hand i.e. a gauntlet, Tony saw the events of Endgame's fight where the Chitauri Leviathans were invading the Earth and all the Avengers were dead and they did indeed all fell against Thanos but fortunately did not die except Natasha and Steve saw himself with Peggy.
  • Tom Lacey
    Tom Lacey 1 тиждень тому That's the point
  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 5 днів тому Divisha Agarwal 😂 Why did you say, “Big Alien Bug thingies”?? 😂
  • JCT.4477
    JCT.4477 1 тиждень тому No one gonna talk about how THANOS army literally blew up the entire hq and nobody died?
  • Daniel
    Daniel 6 днів тому JCT.4477 I told my brother the same thing. Ant-Man really survives shattering glass blasting into him lol.
  • aditya sai
    aditya sai 6 днів тому barn door protocol was still online. It performed its best to keep the place intact
  • Lal Vals
    Lal Vals 6 днів тому @Daniel Ant man becomes small watch closely
  • Itay Gurvich
    Itay Gurvich 6 днів тому @Lal Vals Holy crap I saw that part like 10 times and never noticed
  • Overkils Jack
    Overkils Jack 5 днів тому Ant man shrinks as soon the bomb hits
  • Jmgjgdjd5
    Jmgjgdjd5 5 днів тому 0:23
  • Sam V
    Sam V 3 дні тому Dude they are avengers they have done some great things they can't just again with some simple bombs.....and lol they have literally just revived
  • PGIFilms
    PGIFilms 2 дні тому It's in the behind the scenes where the director talks about the deleted scenes that was decided not to be used in the film. There's a scene where Tony Stark gives everyone a suit of Mark-Zero Plot Armor, but it can only be used once. :p
  • Ved Save
    Ved Save 2 дні тому Dude u should see HISHE
  • Sam V
    Sam V 2 дні тому @Ved Save what's HISHE
  • Ved Save
    Ved Save 2 дні тому @Sam V How It Should Have Ended
  • Sam V
    Sam V 2 дні тому @Ved Save are you asking me or telling me lol
  • Dane P
    Dane P 1 день тому There is an easy answer for that my friend......quantum realm....your welcome!
  • Dane P
    Dane P 1 день тому @aditya sai yeah...but....the falling debris.....
  • Futaba Sakura
    Futaba Sakura 1 тиждень тому I think Wanda would of killed Thanos if he did not have his cannons.
  • Daville Official
    Daville Official 1 тиждень тому Futaba Sakura definitely. well she would have tortured him first😂
  • Futaba Sakura
    Futaba Sakura 1 тиждень тому Daville Official I was rooting for her at that point
  • amazingjbu
    amazingjbu 1 тиждень тому Futaba Sakura Think?, She would have killed him right there but no
  • mahen macha
    mahen macha 1 тиждень тому (змінено) Wanda can destroy thanos and his ship but the story had been written as you had seen😰
  • Devin Paton
    Devin Paton 6 днів тому I think we all knew that
  • Metaphysics
    Metaphysics 5 днів тому Should've killed off wanda in the first avengers, what a retard character :/
  • Jung Soojung
    Jung Soojung 8 годин тому Metaphysics stay mad 💀💀
  • Jungwoo Life
    Jungwoo Life 5 годин тому She would’ve tore and ripped Thanos apart from his body by pieces. After she throws Thanos’a sword you can say that she’s ready to kill him with so much anger and rage. But Thanos is afraid of her.
  • Kezza2k1
    Kezza2k1 1 тиждень тому T'Challa: "Clint, give it to me" Me: "Get this man the gauntlet"
  • michelle ann gracilla
    michelle ann gracilla 1 тиждень тому Is clint barton "aka hawkeye even aka ronin* your fav fictional character?
  • Kezza2k1
    Kezza2k1 1 тиждень тому @michelle ann gracilla of the main 6 Avengers I'd say he's definitely the most realistic and relatable one
  • PrinceYang
    PrinceYang 1 тиждень тому (змінено) I remembered Clint told T’Challa his name in Civil War, and T’Challa said he didn’t care 😂😂😂
  • Kezza2k1
    Kezza2k1 1 тиждень тому @PrinceYang cared enough to remember his name here
  • Rhy Thm
    Rhy Thm 1 тиждень тому @michelle ann gracilla yes one of my fav. In avengers....
  • thecplman1
    thecplman1 1 тиждень тому @Kezza2k1 He's one of the ones who doesn't appear to have any discernable superpowers.
  • Kezza2k1
    Kezza2k1 1 тиждень тому @thecplman1 yeah and I like that about him. He's more human so to speak than the rest
  • ARMY T
    ARMY T 1 тиждень тому Thor: No, no, you have the little one. throws mjolnir to cap Cap: 🙄
  • Erick Mata
    Erick Mata 5 днів тому Im cool
  • Startasticly 3
    Startasticly 3 5 днів тому Lol so true
  • Tridon
    Tridon 4 дні тому @Erick Matahow so?
  • Jace Henderson
    Jace Henderson 2 дні тому ARMY T I didn’t realize how much larger stormbreaker was compared to Mjolnir until that scene 😂. It’s so tiny.
  • Darion Hale
    Darion Hale 4 дні тому Sad to think of what Doctor strange said “if I tell u what happens, it won’t end”😢
  • hi I from Russia
    hi I from Russia 3 дні тому
  • FortniteIsBad
    FortniteIsBad 2 дні тому @hi I from Russia why tho
  • Seafoox animations
    Seafoox animations 1 день тому I think mean “it won’t happen”
  • Chxrlii -
    Chxrlii - 1 день тому He never said it won't end butttt ok
    MYTHICAL ENTIRES 1 тиждень тому all of this wont happened if that mouse didnt flick the switch
  • KanIHabe DaPusiBaws
    KanIHabe DaPusiBaws 1 тиждень тому The mouse was the real hero all along
  • Jacobcrazkhead O
    Jacobcrazkhead O 1 тиждень тому Actually all this wouldn’t happen if quill didn’t wack thanos out of the what ever thing you call it
  • 13Dragonblade
    13Dragonblade 1 тиждень тому @Jacobcrazkhead O yup kinda quills fault.
  • LordofAssassins420
    LordofAssassins420 1 тиждень тому 13Dragonblade not exactly he couldn’t help himself besides he’s an idiot anyway
  • chesca ramos
    chesca ramos 1 день тому No, you're all wrong, this wouldn't have happened by 2 men kidnapped in a cave.
    MYTHICAL ENTIRES 1 день тому @chesca ramos nope it wont happened if the infinity stone wasn't created