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X-MEN DARK PHOENIX Final Battle, Best Scene X-CLIP almost Full movie HD

Published on Sep 6, 2019 4,256,549 views

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The story of one of the X-Men most beloved characters, Jean Grey, as she evolves into the iconic DARK PHOENIX. During a life-threatening rescue mission in space, Jean is hit by a cosmic force that transforms her into one of the most powerful mutants of all. Wrestling with this increasingly unstable power as well as her own personal demons, Jean spirals out of control, tearing the X-Men family apart and threatening to destroy the very fabric of our planet. The film is the most intense and emotional X-Men movie ever made. It is the culmination of 20 years of X-Men movies, as the family of mutants that we've come to know and love must face their most devastating enemy yet -- one of their own.

In cinemas June 5

Written and Directed by: Simon Kinberg

Produced by: Simon Kinberg, Hutch Parker, Lauren Shuler Donner, Todd Hallowell

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Cast: #JamesMcAvoy, #MichaelFassbender, #JenniferLawrence, #NicholasHoult, #SophieTurner, #TyeSheridan, #AlexandraShipp, #KodiSmit-McPhee, #EvanPeters, and #JessicaChastain

  • Cameron LaPage
    Cameron LaPage 2 дні тому I have to say Seeing Nightcrawler go ballistic with a knife and snap a guy's neck with a tail is pretty satisfying.
  • Todd M
    Todd M 5 годин тому (змінено) Night crawler morals off has been shown to teleport sentinels heads off a mile away. Nightcrawler believes in Jesus so he's not the type to do things like this. But honestly night crawler with morals off is scary lol.
  • Blue Lagoo
    Blue Lagoo 5 днів тому Nightcrawler snapped because the soldier dude actually sympathized with the mutants even if it was to just save his life or we can see it as him not helping because he was too scared
  • The Archangel
    The Archangel 3 дні тому Love how dark hengot though. That sadistic grin when he drops that bitch in front of the train 🤣🤣🤣
  • Hero In U
    Hero In U 2 дні тому Imagined if Mr. Sinister cloned an army of Nightcrawlers.
  • Cason Collier
    Cason Collier 2 дні тому I don’t care what people say about this movie but magneto’s fighting is bad ass!
  • sario sario
    sario sario 4 години тому He got nerf in this movie
  • TesseractGaming
    TesseractGaming 4 дні тому Magneto: I have to switch sides for every sequel.
  • Andrew Jaime
    Andrew Jaime 3 дні тому TesseractGaming just like the girl from HS musical. Every movie she’s always about to leave
  • fcdallasporvida
    fcdallasporvida 2 дні тому Both Magneto and Storm are omega level. And they can't take everyone by themselves?? They're on a freaking metal train!!
  • RobMacRay
    RobMacRay 1 день тому ...but they're also on a frickin' train-wreck of a story ;)
  • でッ
    でッ 1 день тому RobMacRay lol
  • Saitama
    Saitama 19 годин тому They are Omega lvl in the comics... not in the movies. Smh
  • Sean Da Best
    Sean Da Best 4 дні тому If we count this as a hallway, Daredevil would have won this so easily.
  • Gay nigga Entertainment
    Gay nigga Entertainment 3 дні тому Your actually an idiot
  • Slasherx90 Gaming
    Slasherx90 Gaming 3 дні тому @Gay nigga Entertainment that's funny. Oh and you're*
  • leifaxardo
    leifaxardo 3 дні тому If its daredevil in a hallway i think its a given whos the winner
  • 72957498273192875409870 45934845984
    72957498273192875409870 45934845984 3 дні тому @Gay nigga Entertainment dumbass
  • Unlimited Sand!
    Unlimited Sand! 2 дні тому Gay nigga Entertainment calling someone else an idiot when you can’t even use the right word
  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong 2 дні тому Gay nigga Entertainment lol stfu bitch
  • Thelazywire
    Thelazywire 2 дні тому @Gay nigga Entertainment the only idiot here is you bitch
  • Jack Newton 23
    Jack Newton 23 2 дні тому Gay nigga Entertainment exactly they are kind of aliens and he’s a blind human and the people being rude just stop
  • Matt
    Matt 1 день тому @Jack Newton 23 Dude take a joke.
  • lAmCanad1an
    lAmCanad1an 4 години тому @Jack Newton 23 The IQ in this one is not strong. Its a joke because every Netflix show has some version of a hallway scene that rocks and Daredevils' is always one epic long shot of him beating the biggest looking guys one by one. Hence the joke you know when its a hallway scene, he's going to wreck face.
  • Asylum117
    Asylum117 4 дні тому Ok, somene PLEASE give Magneto his own movie.
  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister 1 день тому yahh an antagonist movie. The era of superheroes are done.
  • soaky1
    soaky1 1 день тому "X-Men First Class" was originally meant to be "X-Men Origins:Magneto" but all the bad things surrounding "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" led the studio to scrap the idea of individual "Origins" movies. Note how much "First Class" focused on Fassbender's Magneto.
  • True hope2
    True hope2 3 години тому Yass
  • Ace .X. Walker
    Ace .X. Walker 4 дні тому I want quicksilver and magneto actors to be the same forever in every movie
  • Battle Royale Gaming
    Battle Royale Gaming 2 дні тому Ace .X. Walker like Wolverine
  • SwagMaster
    SwagMaster 2 дні тому charles too
  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima 1 день тому But if you ever need to portray old man Magneto: Ian McKellen, forever and always. Same goes for Patrick Stewart as Prof.X
  • Susano'o steel samurai smite
    Susano'o steel samurai smite 1 день тому @Lucas Lima until they die irl
  • saurabh marathe
    saurabh marathe 1 день тому Ellen page as kitty pryde The guy who was iceman
  • Vin Helsing
    Vin Helsing 1 тиждень тому Aang - Airbender Katara - Waterbender Zuko - Firebender Toph - Earthbender Michael - Fassbender
  • GVP 33
    GVP 33 1 тиждень тому U dickbender.
  • Angelo Pellicci
    Angelo Pellicci 1 тиждень тому Lmao I thought u were gonna say metal bender
  • This is Chaniago!
    This is Chaniago! 1 тиждень тому Hotel - Trivago
  • Amir-Hamza
    Amir-Hamza 1 тиждень тому @Angelo Pellicci nah hes Michael Brassbender
  • Elliepopcorn
    Elliepopcorn 1 тиждень тому @This is Chaniago! Trivagobender
  • GVP 33
    GVP 33 1 тиждень тому @Elliepopcorn there are more benders like Lars bender, Sven Bender.
  • Craftblox 221
    Craftblox 221 1 тиждень тому Toph - Earthbender and metalbender
  • GVP 33
    GVP 33 1 тиждень тому @Craftblox 221 step aside all benders dickbender is coming.
  • Andre Wijaya
    Andre Wijaya 1 тиждень тому U Assbender
  • Yahweh Clash
    Yahweh Clash 1 тиждень тому I must be over tired...this is too funny
  • Full Metal Magnum
    Full Metal Magnum 1 тиждень тому Bass fender
  • Ernesto Aguas
    Ernesto Aguas 1 тиждень тому Hotel - Trivago
  • GVP 33
    GVP 33 1 тиждень тому @Yahweh Clash if u r tired go take some rest. Y r u here????👍😎
  • Sheru Cute
    Sheru Cute 1 тиждень тому This is Chaniago! 😂 Lol
  • BenjaminLRD
    BenjaminLRD 1 тиждень тому Dickbender lol
  • dndud1615
    dndud1615 6 днів тому @This is Chaniago! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ한국인만 아는 드립일듯
  • Sir David Braun
    Sir David Braun 6 днів тому Bender Rodriguez - RobotBender.
  • salvador eduardo rey gajardo
    salvador eduardo rey gajardo 6 днів тому Nice one hahaha
  • Phoenix Jackson
    Phoenix Jackson 6 днів тому This deserves more likes
  • Ky _99s
    Ky _99s 6 днів тому Hotel - trivago
  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 6 днів тому Fass in some language mean fart.
  • Atindrila Roy
    Atindrila Roy 6 днів тому @GVP 33 bigus dikkus
  • salraj singh
    salraj singh 6 днів тому New
    COLTON 6 днів тому Ass bender
  • Creamy_ biscuits
    Creamy_ biscuits 6 днів тому Lol
  • Tony Ke
    Tony Ke 5 днів тому LMFAO
  • House of Pain
    House of Pain 5 днів тому Vin Helsing me hitting your girl from the back - Fender Bender
  • Babul Chetia
    Babul Chetia 5 днів тому Epic comment
  • 김준이
    김준이 5 днів тому ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Vic 3
    Vic 3 5 днів тому @GVP 33 💔😂😂😂😂wtf
  • lro001
    lro001 5 днів тому 🤦🏾‍♂️
  • GVP 33
    GVP 33 5 днів тому @Nohbdy get yo shit outta here or i crackm your nut.❤❤❤😎😎😎
  • Mike Herrera
    Mike Herrera 4 дні тому This is the most clever comment on YouTube 🤣🤣
  • MChill
    MChill 4 дні тому Michael - Dat Ass Bender
  • Joseph Noah
    Joseph Noah 4 дні тому Vin Helsing 😂
  • Albino Wolf
    Albino Wolf 4 дні тому (змінено) Ma'am - Transgender
  • Gustavo AG
    Gustavo AG 4 дні тому Lmao
  • Grady Childs
    Grady Childs 4 дні тому Magnetbending
  • Lord Bloodraven
    Lord Bloodraven 4 дні тому Bending Rodriguez, Bender Bender is great, Bender is great, Bender-Bender-BENDER!!!
  • Montray Brown
    Montray Brown 4 дні тому Vin Helsing lmao 🤣 too funny
  • Migunne
    Migunne 4 дні тому @This is Chaniago! You got my day ahhahahaha.
  • Migunne
    Migunne 4 дні тому Michael Goldbenderi prefer, you know quality in this scenes.
  • Toto •
    Toto • 4 дні тому Why do I laugh so hard at this!? Still laughing... 😂
  • Bulruk
    Bulruk 4 дні тому Ramsay - Bassbender
  • Migunne
    Migunne 3 дні тому Michael - Coppbender (copper)
  • 30kitagreen
    30kitagreen 3 дні тому 🤣
  • The Avatar
    The Avatar 2 дні тому Avatar references are always welcomed
  • shahzabe Shah
    shahzabe Shah 2 дні тому Vin Helsing brilliant
  • Jordan Krzywicki
    Jordan Krzywicki 2 дні тому Pyro - firebender
  • baby Jesus
    baby Jesus 2 дні тому All state - fender bender Bruce Jenner- gender bender?
  • Przemo24Pl
    Przemo24Pl 2 дні тому nah michel baybender
  • Omar Omar
    Omar Omar 1 день тому The avatar
  • frederick mercury
    frederick mercury 9 годин тому I like - my blender
  • GorcStew
    GorcStew 6 днів тому Magneto: "I had a change of heart"....yes because you switch sides more often than you change your underwear you bi curious super villain.
  • Cory Myers
    Cory Myers 4 дні тому To be fair, Magneto has always been written as a "for mutants" kind of villian anyway. Whatever is best for his kind in his own mind is what he will go toward. Typically doesn't care about which side he is on if he thinks the end result is better. Which is why we get amusing circumstances where people always ask him which side he is on 'now'...even in the comics.
  • jeck jeck
    jeck jeck 3 дні тому GorcStew ''you bi curious super villain.'' I mean, you are not wrong or anything, lol.
  • GorcStew
    GorcStew 2 дні тому @Cory Myers Your point is valid but he switched sides in X-2 and all of the new ones. They recycled the same character arc so many times, it is hard to defend :(
  • Big Digg322
    Big Digg322 5 днів тому This movie wasn't that great but I did enjoy this battle.
  • Aphyrius
    Aphyrius 4 дні тому Me too.. The storyline is just too awfully made.
    TRUST CHRIST OR GO TO HELL 4 дні тому Who are the the X-Men fighting on the train?
  • Montray Brown
    Montray Brown 4 дні тому Big Digg322 I enjoyed it too.
  • Cheezy Rolls
    Cheezy Rolls 4 дні тому TRUST CHRIST OR GO TO HELL some beings from another planet tryna conquer earth yata yata you get the deal
    BRADELEY JULMICE 4 дні тому Fox was a huge part of it so what you expect 😂
  • Big KOK
    Big KOK 4 дні тому They probably just made a worst X-Men movies to me. Worse than X-3 in my opinion.
  • SRL
    SRL 3 дні тому @TRUST CHRIST OR GO TO HELL Technically they're fighting Skrulls but they had to change their names to something else because Disney/Marvel weren't happy with them being called that as they featured in Captain Marvel
    TRUST CHRIST OR GO TO HELL 3 дні тому @SRL Thanks SRL - movie looks crap and the ratings bear this out
  • SRL
    SRL 3 дні тому @TRUST CHRIST OR GO TO HELL I'm not one to say listen to anything RT say about movies because they tend to care for politics over storyline, but their ratings on this one is pretty accurate. It's a very bad, and boring film. I wouldn't waste your time.
  • Sams Márquez
    Sams Márquez 3 дні тому (змінено) Me too this movie was awful but I enjoyed a lot this battle
  • Eben Pajanconi
    Eben Pajanconi 3 дні тому Bruh this woulda been good for a halfway fight but not for a climax 💀.
  • Extra Chrispy
    Extra Chrispy 3 дні тому Yeah. But the fight scenes were ok
  • Eben Pajanconi
    Eben Pajanconi 3 дні тому @Extra Chrispy didn't go to watch for an OK fight scene. It's the damnn last movie for this version. Shoulda gone out with a much better and creative bang.
  • Tyji Brown
    Tyji Brown 3 дні тому Cheezy Rolls Pretty much 😂😂😂
  • Love Personafied
    Love Personafied 2 дні тому WAY better than Apocalypse, holy shit the camera angles for the action scenes in that movie were basic as shit
  • James Branning
    James Branning 2 дні тому Ya Plus, the makeup and costume design was trash, the storyline didn't make sense, the characters were one dimensional, and the ending DIDNT LINE UP WITH DAYS OF FUFTURE PAST AT ALL
  • spowell07059
    spowell07059 1 день тому Yea this scene was great
  • YDJ
    YDJ 1 день тому Was watching the clip and trying to figure out how it was such a bad movie. From reading the comments I’m just gonna Assume the last 30-45 mins is the only part of the movie that’s not cringeworthy
  • James Branning
    James Branning 1 день тому @YDJ nah, actually, its pretty cringe from the first 1/3 of the movie onwards.
  • Enrique Carreta Sanchez
    Enrique Carreta Sanchez 2 дні тому I want james mcavoy and michael fassbender in Marvel
  • YongWoo Lee
    YongWoo Lee 1 день тому It would be weird for us to see them with different characters though lol If they get casted, I hope they get the same role
  • Something Fierce
    Something Fierce 1 день тому They are. X-Men are still a Marvel propety. They're just not owned by Marvel studios and Disney.
  • Stephen Darroch
    Stephen Darroch 19 годин тому @Something Fierce Disney/Marvel now own FOX and can now add XMen and Fantastic4 into the MCU. Its only Spidey and his villians they dont own and cant use within the MCU now (Thanks Sony)
  • Ricesteamer 2
    Ricesteamer 2 17 годин тому @Stephen Darroch its disney's fault lol
  • Lupin Hrodwolf
    Lupin Hrodwolf 5 днів тому The only good thing about this movie was Magneto, and Nightcrawler.
  • Luiz M
    Luiz M 2 дні тому Lupin Hrodwolf James and sophie*
  • TheMrEpicsounds
    TheMrEpicsounds 1 день тому @Luiz M Sophie who??
  • Nicholas Vela
    Nicholas Vela 1 день тому And the music. The music was pretty badass.
  • Dimi Arts
    Dimi Arts 1 день тому i liked quick silver scenes for few scenes he had. Always satisfying to see him move hyper speed while everyone else is frozen
  • Xmas918 _
    Xmas918 _ 20 годин тому Facts
  • frederick mercury
    frederick mercury 9 годин тому And the dude with the hairz
  • Derek Knott
    Derek Knott 1 тиждень тому Michael Fassbender as Magneto is probably one of the best castings out of all comic book movies.
  • Crimson Hunter
    Crimson Hunter 1 тиждень тому True
  • Spartan Dare
    Spartan Dare 1 тиждень тому About any avenger is well casted , about any x-men although i preferred ravens old blue-look. Power and story wise is a different thing though.
  • Gabriel Ascencio
    Gabriel Ascencio 1 тиждень тому Derek Knott RDJ and Hugh Jackman would disagree with you
  • Devin Sutton
    Devin Sutton 1 тиждень тому @Gabriel Ascencio "One of the best" No ones excluding them.
  • Gabriel Ascencio
    Gabriel Ascencio 1 тиждень тому Devin Sutton thanks devin
  • The810kid
    The810kid 1 тиждень тому So underrated so is James Macavoy both have been carrying these movies for a long time.
  • Derek Knott
    Derek Knott 1 тиждень тому @The810kid I won't disagree with you on that.
  • zomkiller200o
    zomkiller200o 1 тиждень тому Aside from Hugh Jackman yes.
  • Hayabusa Shonen Dragon
    Hayabusa Shonen Dragon 1 тиждень тому My fucking god, someone with a brain!!😱
  • Experiment Master
    Experiment Master 1 тиждень тому Michael Fassbender has been cast to play Dr. Doom now. I imagine they'll make him another bad guy of whatever Avengers shit Disney makes next.
  • Bobby Cook
    Bobby Cook 1 тиждень тому Derek Knott Patrick Stewart as professor x is great casting too
  • Pedro Navaja
    Pedro Navaja 1 тиждень тому Fassbender is the perfect Magneto for these movies, just as Ian McKellen was perfect for the other X-Men movies. Imagine hitting the mark twice casting the same role.
  • Luis angel The coldness
    Luis angel The coldness 1 тиждень тому Like yeah his movements
  • nardinit
    nardinit 1 тиждень тому (змінено) The original cast in the first 3 x-men movies was pretty spot on. Jean Grey, Professor X, Wolverine, Storm.... Edit: Ryan Reynolds wasvborn to play Deadpool
  • ViciousBane 56
    ViciousBane 56 1 тиждень тому Derek Knott aswell as james MCavoy
  • ViciousBane 56
    ViciousBane 56 1 тиждень тому Derek Knott Huge Jackman
  • Im That 1 Ginger
    Im That 1 Ginger 1 тиждень тому Right up there with rdj and Chris evens
  • Matthew Barnes
    Matthew Barnes 1 тиждень тому @The810kid who has "underrated," them again? Oh wait, nobody. You just thought it sounded good.
  • Sleman Gerdy
    Sleman Gerdy 1 тиждень тому But why was magneto so depowered, he couldn't do better than he always had, wasn't he getting amped by apocalypse last movie
  • Jon Greenleaf
    Jon Greenleaf 6 днів тому @Spartan Dare not really thor cant act
  • Víctor Valenzuela
    Víctor Valenzuela 6 днів тому I think Fassbender is great thats why.
  • Alvulturus
    Alvulturus 6 днів тому @Gabriel Ascencio who the hell is Derek Knott ???
  • Ger Vang
    Ger Vang 6 днів тому @Experiment Master Lmao avengers is better than xmen.
  • jeffescantube
    jeffescantube 6 днів тому @Jon Greenleaf ur high on cheap weed
  • Blakkout Productions LLC.
    Blakkout Productions LLC. 6 днів тому Wolverine
  • Derek Knott
    Derek Knott 5 днів тому @Alvulturus I am
  • strange one 3000
    strange one 3000 5 днів тому Hmm along with Hugh Jackman as wolverine
  • Alex
    Alex 5 днів тому @Sleman Gerdy They makes them too powerful in the last movie.
  • cboyaustin90337
    cboyaustin90337 5 днів тому Umm yes sir
  • 장원준
    장원준 5 днів тому No, it should be JJJ in Spider-Man Trilogy
  • Cease Miller
    Cease Miller 5 днів тому Derek Knott he’s amazing as Magneto
  • Fairuz Vlog
    Fairuz Vlog 5 днів тому Yeah closed to Wolverine!!!
  • Joshua K
    Joshua K 4 дні тому @Gabriel Ascencio Jew Hackman
  • If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply
    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply 4 дні тому @Matthew Barnes Actually... no. People have been hating on those movies forever and in their haste they always shit on the actors that actually did excellent.
  • If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply
    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply 4 дні тому @Sleman Gerdy Right! They did him dirty. He could have definitely killed Jean. Maybe they are showing since he kept to himself he is holding himself back, again. Stwww..
  • If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply
    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply 4 дні тому @Ger Vang I disagree. Deadpool and wolverine is far better than Avengers, try again. They actually have story lines unlike avengers which is a flipping speed run with a ton of glittery and sparkly effects (in the form of great cgi and cinematography). What makes a good movie is always going to be the storyline. The only MCU avengers movie that was close and on par was Iron Man.
  • If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply
    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply 4 дні тому @Alex Well they shouldn't have big jackasses, they brought up people's expectations.
  • Ger Vang
    Ger Vang 4 дні тому @If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply Lmao how is it that deadpool and wolverine have an actual "story line" and avengers don't? That doesn't even make any sense.
  • Dante Haskell
    Dante Haskell 3 дні тому Derek Knott Patrick as professor x and huge as wolverine
  • Min Criss
    Min Criss 3 дні тому No
  • RobMacRay
    RobMacRay 1 день тому @Sleman Gerdy The film got woke; the wahmen are bada** and the men are cucked. Same thing happened with Endgame.
  • Edward Bevins
    Edward Bevins 1 день тому Out of all comic book movies? Yeah sure buddy.
  • Sleman Gerdy
    Sleman Gerdy 1 день тому @RobMacRay thanos cheated just to defeat both wahmen, cap got mjolnir, little hype then got whooped, ironman did win but after that he died, hulk?? Fked up, thor??? Worse, another reason infinity war was better
  • RobMacRay
    RobMacRay 23 години тому @Sleman Gerdy Thanos won ;) That is all that need be said.
  • RobMacRay
    RobMacRay 23 години тому @Edward Bevins Fassbender is fantastic.
  • lAmCanad1an
    lAmCanad1an 4 години тому Not to mention Charlie Cox as DD and Ryan Reynolds as DP.
  • Jax D
    Jax D 4 дні тому Marvel Studios I’m begging you, recast Fassbender as Magneto!
  • Gilbertdu62
    Gilbertdu62 3 дні тому Jax D Dr Doom
  • Alex G
    Alex G 3 дні тому Ur dumb
  • Bjørn Halfhand
    Bjørn Halfhand 2 дні тому Apparently they want a black dude to play Magneto in the MCU
  • Techno Dude SS
    Techno Dude SS 2 дні тому @Bjørn Halfhand that's fake
  • Phranq Tamburri
    Phranq Tamburri 2 дні тому NO! SJW Disney would STILL screw it up. At this point....let Disney burn.
  • Gabriel Clarke
    Gabriel Clarke 2 дні тому @Bjørn Halfhand It could work. But I just don't see why it would be necessary to make that change.
  • Bjørn Halfhand
    Bjørn Halfhand 2 дні тому @Gabriel Clarke no me neither. The MCU seems to be pushing diversity going forward. Hopefully it won't feel forced.
  • Gabriel Clarke
    Gabriel Clarke 2 дні тому (змінено) @Bjørn Halfhand Nothing wrong with pushing diversity, but that's fundamentally different to me from changing a character's race, ethnicity gender. Then again, I was skeptical when they first announced they were changing Nick Fury's race, and look how that turned out, we got one of the best characters in the entire MCU in Samuel L Jacksons Nick Fury. I guess for me it's not really a question of should we ever go through and change character's race, ethnicity gender etc. I think it's more of just looking at it on a case by case basis and thinking, is this really necessary ? It likely won't happen, but I'd love to see Fassbender come back for the Magneto role in the MCU. Same goes for McAvoy as Professor X, same for Hoult as Beast etc. Agree BTW, can't force this kind of stuff too much. It has to feel as natural possible.
  • Coffee Pot
    Coffee Pot 1 день тому @Gabriel Clarke Nick Fury had been black in the comics before. They didn't invent that
  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard 1 день тому @Gabriel Clarke that's why it's called pushing diversity. its horrible
  • ClassicAdden
    ClassicAdden 1 день тому @Alex Howard it's horrible if you are narrowminded, self-centered or afraid of change. You cannot convince anyone that diversity is bad. Since you just did a "No you" when it came to an opinion.
  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard 1 день тому @ClassicAdden nah it's just awful and plenty already know why.
  • saurabh marathe
    saurabh marathe 1 день тому Yep he will make so many great jokes cant wait for him
  • Frostylord
    Frostylord 1 тиждень тому Storm: owns all the bad guys over train cars Also Storm: gets owned by dreadlocks
  • Carolina Abarca
    Carolina Abarca 1 тиждень тому Frostylord this comment is gold 😂
  • Julius
    Julius 4 дні тому Lol. Also Storm- Maybe I should battle him up close...
  • Luiz Cláudio
    Luiz Cláudio 4 дні тому are the morlocks frostylor?
  • Monster Moo
    Monster Moo 4 дні тому I lost it at how bad the lightning looks at 2:20... in the year of our lord, 2019, they need to do better 😅🤣.
  • Егор Малков
    Егор Малков 4 дні тому Годно
  • wimbletone
    wimbletone 1 день тому This was the worst version of storm tbh, whoever wrote her needs to be reminded like how shyamalan is always reminded of how he ruined avatar LAB
  • Jack
    Jack 3 дні тому That's isn't storm That's taser face daugther
  • Tooof Poof
    Tooof Poof 15 хвилин тому Wdym
    MRPHER 3 дні тому I don't care what everybody's saying but i enjoyed this movie. I'd have a goodtime
  • Anant kumar
    Anant kumar 1 тиждень тому Magneto - I had a change of heart . in all the fuckig movies
  • Deepak Kool
    Deepak Kool 1 тиждень тому Right? Bitch almost killed Raven
  • Michael Schofield
    Michael Schofield 1 тиждень тому *fucking
  • Tonytrekdax
    Tonytrekdax 1 тиждень тому ... they’re keeping him true to his character... in the comics he switches sides all the time
  • Unhinged savagE
    Unhinged savagE 1 тиждень тому @Tonytrekdax thats shitty writing eventually. 10 out of 10 times he is going to do the predictable thing? fuck shit up and then say "I think I would rather do good things" later. He's bipolar, like a magnet.
  • Santiago Munez
    Santiago Munez 1 тиждень тому (змінено) He was pretty sure of his side in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST .. at the moment he finds that Mistique would cause the future Armageddon and almost extinction of the mutant race he knew what he had to do and and go for it ..
  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 1 тиждень тому Y'all keep saying hes bipolar with the sides and he's not. If you understood magneto, he sides with what he thinks would give mutants the best chance. Killing off humans in Xmen 3? That was his goal. He almost did it. All to protect mutants. Days of future past? Threatened all humans so they would leave mutants alone, yet to no avail. He's not bipolar. Just goes with what suits mutants best and that's why its predictable. Because we go with whats best for us
  • Unhinged savagE
    Unhinged savagE 1 тиждень тому @Ryan Moore he can't commit till the end. If they keep doing his regular change of heart routine then its going to get dull and expected. He has done it in almost all the movies he's been in. In some films he has a good personal reason to be bad. He has to commit to that role or for example the scene with the death of his daughter and wife means nothing in the past movie.
  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 1 тиждень тому @Unhinged savagE thats the thing tho. He wants to benefit mutants. He never changes his mind unless he realizes his methods jeapordize their ability to live. If you read the comics, and watch the movies and pay more attention, he will obviously be that way
  • Unhinged savagE
    Unhinged savagE 1 тиждень тому @Ryan Moore if he can't execute and finish a task he believes in then it's all for nothing.
  • Vozhan
    Vozhan 1 тиждень тому ​@Tonytrekdax I'm pretty sure he doesn't. In the comics, he has an indomitable will and strongly believes he is right.
  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 1 тиждень тому @Unhinged savagE okay in a villain setting he never does cause hes the villain. But if you, like i already said so let me reiterate, watch the movies and read the comics, you'll know he only stands for the mutants. When he sides with the heroes hes gonna succeed. No doubt about it. Just like all the prequel xmen movies involving this new magneto. He wants to be somewhat decent and he only profits from it. Every time. Granted he runs off cause his views conflict Xaviers but still. He succeeds nonetheless in protecting mutants.
  • Unhinged savagE
    Unhinged savagE 1 тиждень тому @Ryan Moore you are countering the main post and my comments with nothing. Predictable characters are boring and I'm saying this as much as I like Magneto, its the truth. You have no substance to counter my argument or the main post.
  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 1 тиждень тому @Unhinged savagE I can't exactly argue against your opinions. All i can say is when you say he flip flops like crazy, you're wrong. That's my argument. Again read what I say. Its not that hard. Like dude. I get that it can be boring and over all its bad writing and i agree with that to an extent. But I cant agree with the flip flop. He doesn't do it every movie, nor does he ever. Its that simple. He sticks with the mutants. Never sides with anyone else. Even as apocalyses horseman.
  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 1 тиждень тому @Unhinged savagE and to say i have no substance is also plain wrong. I used even the movies, which this is all about anywho, to show his motivation. That is substance.
  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 1 тиждень тому @Unhinged savagE also if you remember, my main argument wasnt about the predictable behavior or boringness, it was the motivation changes yall keep saying he has
  • Leonardo Braynen
    Leonardo Braynen 1 тиждень тому @Unhinged savagE EXACTLY!!!!
  • Leonardo Braynen
    Leonardo Braynen 1 тиждень тому @Unhinged savagE except in 1st Class when he joined Xavier but then went full MAGNETO at the end was awesome.
  • Luis angel The coldness
    Luis angel The coldness 1 тиждень тому Yup
  • Julius
    Julius 1 тиждень тому Not all, the last three movies yes..
  • Anant kumar
    Anant kumar 1 тиждень тому @Julius yeah man thats what I meant , this "new"' magneto
  • Timeyin Sholaye
    Timeyin Sholaye 1 тиждень тому He randomly changed his mind in this movie. The speech Xavier gave wasnt believable enough to change his mind, for Beast too, who has now stopped being a pacifist?
  • kotragyek
    kotragyek 1 тиждень тому @Tonytrekdax it's just lazy ass writing. If it was like this in the comics that just means those had lazy writing too
  • Tonytrekdax
    Tonytrekdax 6 днів тому @Vozhan ... He's a force to be reckoned with but he has been know to switch sides when necessary and convenient.
  • Tonytrekdax
    Tonytrekdax 6 днів тому @kotragyek ... Not necessarily... nothing is black and white. Every situation calls for a specific action and he never really changes his position but he does bend when needed or serves his purpose.
  • kotragyek
    kotragyek 6 днів тому @Tonytrekdax that's cool and all but it's still lazy and predictable. "hey what should we do with magneto in this movie? You know what let's just make him an antagonist for most of it and then give him some big redeeming moment in the third act. People always love that"
  • Tonytrekdax
    Tonytrekdax 6 днів тому @kotragyek ... gotcha!
  • Enkii Muto
    Enkii Muto 6 днів тому He gets that a lot
  • Bagus Hutomo
    Bagus Hutomo 6 днів тому He just follows the rule If you can't beat them, then join them
  • iRant4Food
    iRant4Food 6 днів тому He didnt in the first one...or the second one...or Last Stand...or First Class....or DoFP. X-Men: Magneto is main "villain" he even gets put in prison in the end. X2: Magneto plays a long with the X-men only to carry out his own plans. (chess player) Last Stand: Magneto is back to being a "villain" again...gets stabbed and temporarily loses his powers. First Class: Magneto becomes Magneto. Didnt have a change of heart about killing Shaw which was his goal the entire film. DoFP: Magneto is A PART of the X-men in the future. Past Magneto becomes more of a distraction than helpful because again...he has his own agenda. Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix are literally the only 2 films that brings "validity" to this claim....what movies were y'all watching?
  • Sonder Studios
    Sonder Studios 5 днів тому @Ryan Moore exactly. He's like all mutants' dad.
  • Farhan Razali
    Farhan Razali 5 днів тому Magneto is a villain. Cornetto is a ice cream. Does magneto eat Cornetto? Lame...
  • If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply
    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply 4 дні тому Well, I also always have a change of heart, like, who doesn't?
  • If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply
    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply 4 дні тому @Unhinged savagE Well go watch Harley Quinn and Joker movies since you like unpredictable behaviour. Or perhaps you should make friends with a bipolar person.
  • If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply
    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply 4 дні тому @kotragyek You become a writer for a film then talk. You step in those people's shoes then talk. It is easy to criticise others when you aren't the one receiving it or putting in the effort. I am a writer and I can tell you it is damn well hard to put in every detail and come up with a storyline that is showing progression while not being 100% predictable so shut your damn mouth.
  • If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply
    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply 4 дні тому @kotragyek So what if it is predictable y'all too damn judgemental. If you want unpredictability go make friends with a bipolar person or someone with multiple personality disorder. Or better yet watch movies on them. OR EVEN BETTER STOP WATCHING MOVIES because THEY ARE ALL PREDICTABLE at this point, each one has the beginning, a problem, a climax, and resolution.
  • If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply
    If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply 4 дні тому @iRant4Food They stupid. It shows they never were paying attention and have a sheep mindset.
  • Unhinged savagE
    Unhinged savagE 4 дні тому @If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply you know why infinity war was so good? Cuz the bad guy won in that movie.
  • Unhinged savagE
    Unhinged savagE 4 дні тому @If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply stop crying
  • kotragyek
    kotragyek 4 дні тому @If yuh gon be a skunt doh reply just by the way you're talking about movies it's really obvious you're not a writer. And if you actually are you out of all people should realise how shitty and all over the place fhe writing is for the x men movies. Also "become a writer then talk" is the dumbest thing you could've possibly said. If you're actually a writer and it bothers you this much that people have opinions you should find another job. Thankfully you're not a writer so this isnt a problem. The whole "you can only have opinions about things that you work with" bullshit will always be the most childish and pathetic argument about any topic. I dont have to be a chef to know a cheeseburger tastes like shit. I dont have to be a footballer to realise a player isn't playing well. I dont have to be a writer to realise a movies isnt written well
  • Dfrancis Fitness
    Dfrancis Fitness 1 тиждень тому I just love Fassbender as Magneto, hes so cool and brutal! I hope they consider keeping him in the MCU
  • pan peter
    pan peter 4 дні тому he is catching up with age, so chancesare they won't tho (they only go after money, and often that to hollywood means no wrinkles and sex appeal, both of which are bound to younger ages unfortunately, not that an older person can't be hot, but he will be in 9/10 cases less hot even compared to his 10years before self let alone someone half his age), so while he has matured together with that role, and fits him perfectly, i doubt we will ever see him again as a magneto, maybe a cameo, maybe, but i think at best that's about it..
  • Dante Abraham
    Dante Abraham 4 дні тому haha no my friend, now the wanna a black magneto, yeah dont respect the comic
  • Kieran Belizaire
    Kieran Belizaire 4 дні тому Dfrancis Fitness they said he might play doctor doom
  • Dfrancis Fitness
    Dfrancis Fitness 4 дні тому @Kieran Belizaire I feel like he would own that role and probs give off that vive that he did for Magneto
  • I Will Rock Your Face!
    I Will Rock Your Face! 4 дні тому The MCU is going to be introducing Magnegro
  • Jason Olvera
    Jason Olvera 4 дні тому @I Will Rock Your Face! Denzel Washington as Mahnigga.
  • On yo feet maggot
    On yo feet maggot 4 дні тому I’d rather see an r rated prequel with him hunting nazis
  • Jorge Asure
    Jorge Asure 4 дні тому (змінено) Is it true that Magneto can defeat Avengers? metals
  • I Will Rock Your Face!
    I Will Rock Your Face! 4 дні тому @Jorge Asure no only a female magneto can defeat everyone n 2019.
  • rasheed jeffries
    rasheed jeffries 3 дні тому Please stfu
  • RhinoAg
    RhinoAg 3 дні тому @I Will Rock Your Face! Magnegro lmaooooooo
  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 2 дні тому @I Will Rock Your Face! LOL :) or Fagneto.